With over 35 years in the business, our certified watch makers will provide you with a reputable and professional appraisal.
We will:
• research the history of your timepiece
• authenticate the case, movement and dial
• all details are examined
• upon resealing the case, we will appraise your timepiece to the current  market value
We estimate the value as listed for insurance or other purposes at the current retail value, excluding federal and other taxes.  In making  appraisals, we do not agree to purchase the articles.
Appraisals are made with the understanding that the appraiser assumes no liability with respect to any actions that may be taken on the basis of this appraisal.
​We are currently providing appraisals for watches and jewelry.
Appraisals can be Verbal or Written. Verbal appraisals take about 20 minutes while written appraisals may take up to 2 days.